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A bright yellow shirt featuring an illustration of a construction hat wearing boots, the shirt states 'Wally Wallbanger, Wallace Memorial Library' in bold black letters.

A holiday card from Florence and Charles Wallace to RIT, featuring text that states 'Christmas Greetings' in script text and an illustration of flowers on the front. Inside the card is a picture of a family.

A black pin featuring bold white text that states 'ASK ME!' This pin is from the Wallace Memorial Library as part of an effort to get students comfortable with reaching out to their librarians with questions.

A printed invitation to the groundbreaking ceremonies for the addition to the Wallace Memorial Library. Printed in blue ink, the invitation features an illustration of a shovel centered in geometric shapes, while sans serif text states 'Wallace…

This news article, titled News & Events in bold orange font, is volume 11, no. 37, and dated November 8th, 1979. It features photographs of events covered by the articles, which include Wallace Memorial Library ‘Computerized’, and ‘Spooky Sculpture.’

A blue pin featuring an illustration of a computer screen displaying a map of the world. Bold sans serif text bordering the image states 'World At Your Fingertips, WML' the abbreviation for Wallace Memorial Library.

The Democrat and Chronicle’s Opinion Page, discusses the legacy Miller will leave & acknowledges that he won’t be leaving RIT permanently. It highlights several of Miller’s achievements such as, doubling the number of students who attend, expanding…

Former First Lady, husband to former United States President Lyndon B. Johnson, Claudia Alta “Lady Bird” Johnson, spoke on October 1974 to a mass of 3000 people to celebrate that the first NTID specific building had been established. A bill her…

The speech College and Community by Paul A. Miller 6th President of RIT, goes into detail about the importance and priority he puts on education for all people, building a college where its students are able to find themselves, interests and all. He…

In this photo from 1969, Dr. Paul and his wife Dr. Francena Miller are standing in front of the George Eastman Building. In Paul’s right hand he is holding an OPeration campUS bag signifying the monumental move to the new campus in Henrietta.
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